fic: I’ll just runaway and be on my own - I had this idea a few weeks ago when I was driving home from a trip and saw the sign mentioned.  Includes escaped criminal!Kurt for your reading pleasure. ~1,500 words

Blaine really knows that he shouldn’t, and he can’t really give any clear reason as to why he did it, but it happened, and now he has to deal with it. 

Missing the sign on the road that read, “Prison Area: Do Not Pick Up Hitchhikers,” had probably been his first mistake.  His second mistake was noticing that the guy on the side of the road was incredibly good-looking.  He was almost rugged, Blaine thought, but there was just something about him that didn’t make him look completely rugged.

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prompt: early!klaine with the first time blaine kisses kurt’s neck and they both realize how much of a thing it is for them.

written for the klainebingo prompt “hickey”

Kurt’s been on Blaine’s bed before, of course, with all the time they spent together as friends, but never like this. Never with his heart beating wildly in his chest, and Blaine staring at him and licking his lips, and then ducking his head like he hopes Kurt won’t notice.

"Okay," Kurt says slowly, face warm enough he knows he must be blushing but he also knows Blaine won’t tease him for it. "We’re not going to get much studying done tonight, are we?"

"I… had every intention of behaving myself, really,” Blaine says with a small smile, finally settling down next to Kurt on the bed. “But then you—” He pauses.


"You looked so kissable I forgot what we were even supposed to be studying for," Blaine murmurs, eyes fluttering shut as he leans in and presses his lips to Kurt’s.

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Dirty Thoughts


[Based off of this fun mind reading prompt. This was going to be an alternate meeting AU, but my muse veered me off into early!Klaine instead. Woops?]

He’s got a nice ass.

It’s an innocent enough thought – well, innocent in that the truth behind it softens its crudeness. Blaine doesn’t stare past a single appreciative glance. He gets quickly distracted away by the boy’s hesitant smile and endearing bafflement.

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Fic: The Best Example


Anonymous asked: “no but imagine how embarrassing klaine would be as parents like they’d just kiss on the couch and when their 17 year old daughter comes back from school she’d be like GUYS YOU HAVE A ROOM CAN YOU NOT and her friends would come over and be like wow your dads are hot and she’d just be like no i need new friends and new parents this is horrible and it’d be adorable and kurt would just be like “WE’RE MARRIED WE’RE ALLOWED TO DO THIS AND WE OWN THIS HOUSE” and blaine would bribe her with food :)”

A/N: I had no choice but to turn this into a fic. Because. MARRIED KLAINE. You know?

Sometimes, Emily doesn’t understand her best friend. Especially when her best friend is complaining about her parents. True, everyone’s family is embarrassing sometimes. But in Tracy’s case, Emily completely fails to see what the big deal is.

“I mean, it’s not like I’m asking for too much, I’m just asking them to keep it out of the living room, or the kitchen, I eat there!” Tracy exclaims, sighs, shakes her head in frustration. “If I started making out with a boy in the middle of the day in front of the TV, they’d ground me for a year!”

Emily shrugs. “Isn’t it cute, though? That they still do that? At least your parents love each other!”

Tracy shrugs. “And they take every opportunity to remind everyone of that. It’s embarrassing.”

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GKM fic rec


Title: Tell, Teach, Involve
Author: anonymous
Pairing: Kurt/Blaine
Rating: NC-17
Chapters: up to 8/? (WIP)
Warnings: age difference (9 years), innocence/inexperience
Summary: Blaine is a young prince who has been sheltered his whole life. He has no knowledge of sex but when puberty hits, he starts waking up hard. He doesn’t know why it’s happening or what it means, so in comes Kurt, who is older, to teach Blaine pleasure. He teaches him how to masturbate and shows him all the ways he can feel good.

it’s been a while since i’ve rec’d a kink meme WIP but this one is worth checking out because wow wow wow, it’s so sinfully delicious and well-written, and one of my absolute favorite tropes. just truly a pleasure to read, and it’s being updated fairly frequently, too (8 chapters in 3 days). i can’t wait to see what more the author comes up with in this ‘verse *___*

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Fic: If It’s Not Perfect (Then It’s Not), 11/12 - To End Is To Begin


Masterpost: The Varied Stages of Something Unlikely

Masterpost: If It’s Not Perfect (Then It’s Not)

"I had one job."

It comes out in a mumble, nearly unintelligible, but it’s enough to make Sebastian pull his astonished stare away from his left hand and look over to where Adam is rubbing and stretching his right one. “Say what?”

Adam is sitting at the end of the bed, flexing his fingers with a wince. “We agreed that we were going to try to get through this week without punching one of my brothers.” He points to the bruises purpled across his knuckles. “One job.”

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anonymous prompted: So you should like write a fic in which blaine and rachel are freshman nyada students and after their first show rachel asks blaine to join her and her dad, Kurt, to dinner, but then rachel has to run away and they’re left alone..aaand love happens:)

Rachel’s already in the hallway by the time Blaine rushes out there, still sweaty and breathless and grinning broad enough that it begins to hurt his cheeks. She envelops him in a hug that he returns, squeezing her back and laughing when she squeals and jumps up and down.

“You were amazing!” she gushes, bright-eyed and gleaming slightly with sweat.

“Not as amazing as you, Miss Berry,” Blaine teases, flicking Rachel’s shoulder. “I can’t believe you nailed that note! I told you.”

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The Kindle (Klaine, G)


Summary: Blaine comes home with a box containing a kindle. Only it isn’t quite what Kurt was expecting. Written for the Klaine Bingo prompt “kittens”.
Words: 1395
Read on AO3 here.

“Blaine, what are you hiding?”

“Nothing. I, er, I got a kindle.”

“Oh, Carole has one of those. She uses it to read on breaks at work, we were thinking about getting one for Dad for Christmas. Is that the thing your aunt sent you?”

“Well, no, she sent me a book. I didn’t buy the kindle.”

Kurt frowned, putting the cookbook he had been reading down and turning to stare at his husband. Or rather, at the cardboard box Blaine was trying to hide behind his back. The cardboard box that was far too large to just be holding a kindle.

“Thirty seconds.”

Blaine swallowed. “Did you know that the name for a group of kittens is a-”

“Kindle,” Kurt finished, closing his eyes and rubbing his forehead wearily. “Tell me you didn’t.”

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inspired by the sixth photo set of this post uwu 

shoutout to daltoneering for making me write this holla

summary: prince!kurt and archer/robber!blaine; blaine stops kurt’s carriage to take his money, jewels and crown

Kurt is jostled once again by a rather large bump that the carriage runs over and sighs heavily, holding onto the crown on top of his head.

"Sorry again, your highness!"

"It’s alright," says Kurt. It’s just uncomfortable. Kurt has never really liked traveling long distances. It made him uneasy, as did the road’s unevenness. He leans back against the plush seat and lets himself try to relax.

It’s probably no more than ten minutes later that the carriage comes to a sudden stop. Kurt hears the horses make a protesting sound. He sits up straighter.

"What is happening?"

He’s met with silence.

Kurt reaches for the door and pushes it open.

And an arrow impales itself in carriage, just on the right of the door. 

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Ficlet: How horrible it is that people have to grow up


Kurt and Blaine’s thirteen year old daughter gets her period and Blaine is upset when she wants Kurt instead of him. 2100 words of schmoopy daddies klaine.

The title is a mangled quote from Anne of the Island


It’s a Friday. A Friday before a long weekend even, and Kurt keeps telling Blaine to stop being such a pushover. So he’s trying. He really is. But she’s just making it so difficult.

"Daddy, I mean it. I don’t feel well. I need to stay home from school."

"Sweetpea, I know you don’t want to go to school, but it’s only one more day and you’re off for three." And because her big, blue eyes are making the guilt creep up his throat, he pulls out the big guns. "You know what Dad will say."

"Dad will let me stay home if I ask him. In fact, I want him."

"Katie—" But she’s calling out for Kurt, her voice more and more desperate as she repeats his name. Blaine’s hand falls from her forehead where he’d been resting it, checking to be sure she didn’t have a temperature. But she has no signs of illness. She seems perfectly fine, but for the fact that she’s curled up in her bed and refuses to budge an inch to get ready for school.

Kurt comes bustling into the room. “What’s all the fuss about?” he asks, fiddling with his tie. “I’m trying to get ready for work.”

"Katie says she isn’t feeling up to going to school," Blaine explains. "I already told her—"

Katie cuts across him, reaching a hand out for Kurt, her eyes imploring. “Can I talk to you in private please, Dad?”

Blaine feels like he was sucker punched in the gut. Kurt turns to give him a look, his brow quizzical, and Blaine shrugs at him. He has no idea what their daughter can say to Kurt that she doesn’t want to say in front of Blaine. And honestly, he’s the slightest bit devastated. He nods his head and backs out of the room, watching as Kurt seats himself on the edge of Katie’s mattress, his fingers sweeping her thick, brown hair off of her face.

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